Investing in Firms that Are Inventing the Future With A.I.

We ignore the hype and focus on the basics — it’s what allows us to consistently deliver investor returns in record time.

Katalyst Ventures is an early-stage venture fund that invests in promising technology companies focused on artificial intelligence (A.I.) solutions for enterprise applications in legacy industries. We don’t just invest in game-changing ideas and A.I. technology – we invest in entrepreneurs who show potential to be industry-leading visionaries; who have strong character with ingenuity, grit and devotion; who can execute their visions and build long-lasting companies with global impact.

We help our CEOs and their teams accelerate their path to market and scale their businesses by bringing a deep bench of operators and technologists. We have industry expertise, entrepreneurial experience, and forward-thinking enthusiasm for A.I. technologies to create new efficiencies and productivity gains for enterprises, and that can drive transformative change to improve people’s lives on a global level.

Our Investment Approach

We ignore the hype and focus on fundamentals – which enables us to consistently deliver investor returns in record time. We seek to invest in seed and Series A funding for companies that have a clear mission, a relevant business model, and a logical product evolution path. We are primarily focused on U.S.-based and Silicon Valley startups, but we have global experience in operations and are also open to investing in international companies.

Key elements of our investment approach include:

Avoid the Herd

We operate in an industry where innovative ideas are abundant, and media hype about the next hot technology or vertical can be overwhelming. But what truly separates the successful startups from the also-rans is their ability to execute, and their resilience to overcome obstacles. What makes or breaks a company’s ability to hit the market at the right time with the right solution isn’t the idea du jour, but the intelligence, capacity, drive, and ambition of the team to innovate. We help build sustainably profitable companies and accelerate their path to liquidity.

Focus on Fundamentals

We look for companies that have the potential to grow and scale, solving unmet needs with novel ideas and technologies in growing markets of $10B or more that have not been over-invested. We vet the teams, technologies, and business model to ensure a clear path to market and the capability to stand on their own, and we enable them to become self-funding as early as possible.

Invest in What we Know

Our founder and leadership team have been working for decades with data, devices, and analytics across industries and enterprises—experiences that give us a powerful competitive advantage when it comes to investing in the transformational world of A.I. We have strong intuition for identifying disruptive ideas and stellar teams who can execute using A.I. to solve real problems, drive real value for the enterprise, and deliver real returns to investors.

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