In an effort to promote diversity in Venture Capital we’re working with Founders for Change to highlight diverse venture capitalists and diverse founders. Founders for Change, an All Raise initiative launched a list of diverse founders today including women, underrepresented people of color (i.e. Black, LatinX and Native American), and LGBTQ investors. Crunchbase is supporting this effort with a full list of over 400 diverse investors.

Here are our favorite Crunchbase Pro lists showcasing diverse venture capitalists, diverse founders, and female founders.

List of Diverse Venture Capitalists and Advisors

Founders for Change Diverse Investors List
Black Men in VC (List by Aaron McClendon)
Black Women in VC (List by Sydney Thomas) 
Women advisors/board members for US public companies

List of Diverse Founders in Tech

FFC Founders for Change
Black and Latino Founders who raised >1M in funding
Recently Funded Female-Founded Companies
Female-founded startups in New York City with recent funding
Top companies founded by women

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